Bradley later became instrumental in getting all 5 members of Kajagoogoo together, and in February 2008, as Kajagoogoo's new manager, Bradley arranged for Kajagoogoo to have their first photo shoot in 25 years. The atmosphere was relaxed, jovial and after 25 years, Kajagoogoo, in their original 5 piece line up are back.

2008 saw several live dates in Europe and Scandinavia. The band also wrote new material in the form of a 4 track EP titled Death Defying Headlines which was released at shows in 2008.

The band, now represented by Glenn Kelly look forward to a host of concerts in the UK and Europe as well as releasing more new material in 2009.
This is an exciting time for Kajagoogoo and their legion of loyal fans, who have hoped of a full time reunion for 25 years.

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