2004 saw Nick, Steve and Stuart work on a new Kajagoogoo track. The track, named ”Tears”  was released on a compilation album of 80s artists titled “This Is Not Retro”.

The following 3 and a half years saw Steve and Nick working with the girl band “Indistrial Salt” and scored a hit in Japan with the single Loop and Loop (Under The Thunder.)

It wasn’t until spring 2007 when an American record label contacted Nick and offered a US deal to Kajagoogoo that the boys considered doing anything else. So with things moving into place the trio set about writing a bunch of new tunes for an album for release some time in 2008 /9.

The first of these new tunes was Rocket Boy, which was released on June 25th 2007.

A lot of media interest surrounded the single, including airplay on the Chris Evans Drive Time show on Radio 2 and a local interest and interviews on BBC 3 Counties Radio.

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