Kajagoogoo continued with Nick Beggs as the lead vocalist. In 1984, to critical acclaim from the music industry, they released the album ‘Islands’. The US version of the album ‘Extra Play’ saw the band change it’s name to Kaja.

‘Islands’ marked a change in direction from a pop focus to a more mature, experimental approach. The band released three singles from ‘Islands’- 'Big Apple', 'The Lions Mouth' and 'Turn Your Back On Me' which reached number one in 12inch USA Dance Charts. Even though the album was not as commercially successful as ‘White Feathers’, it remains a favourite for many die-hard fans.

1985 saw the departure of Jez Strode due to writing commitments for the bands 3rd album. This prompted a change of direction for Kaja, as they were now known in Europe and the USA. Steve, Stuart and Nick continued on as a 3 piece band.

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