Chris Hamill – AKA – Limahl, 21 from London answered the ad.

It was during a showcase gig at the Embassy Club, London that Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes requested a demo tape of the bands work, and a few days later he telephoned Limahl saying that he really liked the tape and was going to take it to EMI records.

After interest from three major labels, Kajagoogoo signed with EMI records in July 1982.

Kajagoogoo set to work on their first album, White Feathers, which was to be produced by Nick Rhodes & Duran Duran' producer, Colin Thurston.

In January 1983 their debut single, 'Too Shy' was released hitting number one in the U.K. (and seven other European countries) and peaked in the USA at number five. Shortly after the release of 'Too Shy', ‘Ooh to Be Ah’ and ‘Hang on Now’ were released.

Both were Top 15 U.K. hits. In April 1983, Kajagoogoo released their first album, ‘White Feathers’. The band quickly became teen idols and over 60,000 U.K. fans saw them play on their ‘White Feathers’ UK tour.

In August 1983, a decision was made to ‘part company’ with Limahl.